Photo Retouching Service

It does not matter how hard a photographer tries, it is almost impossible to take a perfect picture every time. You find some flaws and wish if they were not there. With Photo Retouching Service, those flaws can be removed and make your image picture-perfect. Photo Retouching Service is widely used by any type of photographer from amateur to professional, marketing agencies, magazines, poster, flyers, e-commerce site to make their image flawless. A clean, polished flawless image is bound to attract people and this is what we deliver to our clients.

You may have vintage, old, lost pixels or damaged photos. Do not worry. We are here to help you. Our professional photo editors are always on their toes to provide the best Photo Retouching Service to make our image as perfect as you like.


Model Retouching Service

Model Retouching Service is widely used by fashion models, magazines, agencies, photographers. Basic retouching is often needed to make your model look perfect. Visible flaws such as uneven skin tones, stray hair, blemish, pimples, and red-eye are needed to be corrected by Photo Retouching Service. Techniques used for Model Retouching Service are as follows:

  • Blemish, scar and pimple removal
  • Skin Smoothening
  • Stray hair removal
  • Color/tone correction
  • Teeth whitening
  • Lines/wrinkles reduction
  • Face/body liquefying
  • virtual” weight reduction 

Fake looking airbrushed models does not make a good impression With Model Retouching Service, the edited image must look natural. At Auto Clipping Path, we make sure that your model looks amazing with our Model Retouching Service.

Jewelry Retouching Service

Jewelry Retouching Service is a post-production process. It cleans dust, fingerprints, clutter, and shadow from jewelry products images to make the product look eye-catching. It is tricky for the photographer when it comes to jewelry photography. It is easy to take a picture of jewelry when someone wears it. However, most clients prefer to see jewelry only. Rings, necklaces, bracelets need support to be shown nicely in the picture. Those stands/supports are to be removed later to create flawless jewelry images. At Auto Clipping Path, we have our dedicated team to work on this. We make your jewelry images flawless by color/light correction, stand removal, improvement of precious metal color, improvement of the gemstone, adding natural shadow or removing shadow, removing poor reflection, making the stone more shinning. We give utmost priority that images do not look edited or unnatural. We make sure that jewelry looks as meticulous as they are in real. 

Hight-End Photo Retouching Service

High-End Photo Retouching Service is used to make an image clearer and clutter-freeNo doubt, consumers like high-resolution pictures with clarity. An image must not lose its natural look when it is retouched to make it a clearer image. Our photo-retouching experts do this without compromising the natural look of an image. Photo retouching service produces the best quality photos, which attracts consumers to look at your product or such. In the end, it leads them towards making a buying decision. It does not matter how hard a photographer tries to capture the best photo; there will be some imperfections. With High-End Photo Retouching Service, any imperfection can be removed and corrected. You do not need to hire an expensive photo editor. We have been providing High-End Photo Retouching Service to our clients for years with a reputation. At Auto Clipping Path, we are committed to serve our clients cost-effective perfect images every time with our High-End Photo Retouching Service. 

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